Tree Risk Surveys

Tree Risk Surveys

With experience of managing tree risk at various levels including surveying, managing policy and procedures, setting strategies, as well as delivering training to surveyors and to those responsible for tree populations, we are ideally placed to provide pragmatic, balanced advice on all aspects of tree risk management.

A Tree Risk Management Policy is not always needed, but even when it is recommended, it does not need to be a complex process. We can help develop a practical, reasonable Tree Risk Management Policy that ensures the level of usage around trees is understood and so the appropriate type and frequency of inspection required is established.

From an individual tree to large populations we carry out tree risk surveys that follow a structured process called Visual Tree Assessment (VTA). Every tree is inspected from ground level, the health of the tree assessed, and any defects identified. We then produce a schedule with prioritised works that will mitigate the defects, lowering the risk they present to an acceptable level. Using our mapping software to plot any tree that requires work we produce plans that clearly show the location of all these trees.

For trees of high value that require a greater depth of assessment our Tree Analytics team has all the specialist scientific equipment and experience to take the analysis of defects to the next level – enabling the retention of many high value trees that may otherwise be removed.

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